In this review, we will take a second look at the Breville BJE510XL. You may or may not be aware of this, but I have already reviewed this particular juicer on this website, but with one major exception: this review is about the re-manufactured version of the Breville 5-Speed 900-Watt Juice Fountain, whereas the other review was about the original version of this juicer.

This review will differ slightly from most of the other reviews posted on this website. In most of my other reviews I focus on giving you facts about a juicer and my educated opinion as to if it’s worth your time, based on what your needs may be. In this review, I will compare the re-manufactured version of the Breville BJE510XL with the original version, helping you decide whether you would like to purchase the product brand new or whether you would like to purchase the much less expensive re-manufactured version.

I will begin by explaining the re-manufacturing process Breville uses for its juicers. I will also reiterate some of the major features of this juicer, so that you will not have to read the original article if you find that to be too much of a time commitment. Finally, I will compare the features and function of the two versions of this machine.

The Re-manufacturing Process

I put this part of the article first, because I believe it is the most important information you will need in making this decision. I am often skeptical and wary when it comes to purchasing re-manufactured products and, therefore, expect some of you to feel the same. Through my research I came to find that Breville was able to set my mind at ease with this particular juicer.

The thing which originally made me wary of purchasing re-manufactured products is that they are often re-manufactured in such a way that they are less valuable and more prone to problems than many other similar products. I have purchased re-manufactured goods in the past only to find that they were fitted with metals and circuitry which were not originally meant to be used with those machines. Ultimately, I found problems with rusting and malfunctioning.

The great thing about this particular re-manufactured product is that the same company who originally created it is the company who refurbished it. These are juicers which, for whatever reason, have been returned to Breville. Perhaps they incorporated some faulty piece, which is bound to happen somewhere along the line in any manufacturing process. Or maybe those which were returned were sent back simply because they didn’t end up being exactly what the consumer was looking for. Let’s be honest, most of us have purchased items without researching them first and had to return them, or we have returned gifts given to us by other people.

Regardless of how or why they were returned to Breville, the fact is that they were returned. Instead of disposing of them and wasting all of the materials involved in creating them, Breville has chosen to fix them up and re-sell them at a lower cost. Each piece has been thoroughly cleaned, repaired (if needed), and inspected to ensure they meet the same high qualities expected from all Breville machines. Any parts replaced in these machines are the exact kind of parts originally included with this machine.

Same Features, Lower Price

If saving money isn’t an alluring concept to you, I must admit that you and I have little in common. I am always searching for the best bargain. For me, a bargain isn’t simply the cheapest thing I can find, it is the cheapest version of a high-quality product I can find. Quality is extremely important when it comes to bargain hunting. A product isn’t much of a bargain if you are just going to find yourself replacing it, after all.

The re-manufactured version of the 900-Watt Juice Fountain is available for two-thirds of the price of the non-re-manufactured version. One-third the price of a product is considerable savings, especially if that product lives up to the reputation built by its predecessor.

In this case, there is nothing missing from the re-manufactured Breville 900. It features the same 900-watt motor, which can easily process soft and hard foods alike without needing very many breaks. It still features a large 3-inch feeding chute, allowing you to juice entire fruits and vegetables without the hassle of peeling and cutting them first.

The extra-large pulp collector, though taking up considerable countertop space, makes it easy to create large batches of juice without having to stop. The extra-large juice pitcher features a built-in froth suppressor and measurement markings.

Just As Safe

Like most centrifugal Breville juicers, both the regular and re-manufactured version of this one offer two important safety features. First, the overload protection feature will sense if the motor comes close to overheating and will shut the system down to allow it to cool, instead of it overheating and breaking down.

The second important safety feature is the locking arm. This system ensures that the juicer will not run without the lid securely attached and that you will not be able to open the lid once you have begun the juicing process.

Pure Power in Five Settings

The 900-watt motor included in this juicer is packed with all the power necessary to efficiently break down fruits and vegetables of various densities. From bananas to carrots and everything in between, the Breville BJE510XL can handle it all, and the re-manufactured version is no different.

Just like the original 900-Watt Juice Fountain, this one features five different speed settings designed to break down foods at the perfect rate. Simply match the type of food you are juicing with one of the five settings (each named for a food type, by the way) and you can quickly extract the optimal amount of juice with minimal froth.

Consumer Feedback

Consumer feedback has been very positive for the refurbished version of this juicer. In fact, it has been equally as positive as the consumer feedback for the regular version of this juicer. Consumers are overwhelmingly saying that this re-manufactured juicer runs like a dream and that they would never have known the difference between it and a new one.

Concluding Remarks

Although I have always been quite the skeptic when it comes to re-manufactured goods, I must say that I am quite impressed with Breville’s re-manufacturing process, and that consumers seem to agree that this juicer is no different from any brand new juicer Breville has to offer. It appears that you can easily get all of the positive qualities of the 900-Watt Juice Fountain without compromising a thing, except for cost. Save yourself one-third of the money it would cost to purchase this product brand new by purchasing this re-manufactured version.

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